Pictured above is a detail photograph of an artist journal displayed in Payges Magazine. I created Payges Magazine for my boss Kat Payge. Kat owns a fine art gallery that also functions as her studio. I manage the gallery, and part of my creative efforts to to grow the business was to publish a handheld magazine so Kat Payge Art could expand its presence in Denver.


Pictured above is a segment of the “HiViz” section I designed. The spread was designed to help artists explore perspectives for our call for entry titled Clingers. I curated and juried the call for art. I created the theme based off of human condition, more specifically what drives people through their daily routine. Examples of ideas of which we cling to are: television, drugs, security, the sun, exercise, food, disease, addiction, and so on.

I also hosted an interactive community art project for the duration of the Clingers exhibition and proposed the statement, “Happiness is…”. As visually described by the above right photography, I presented polaroids to the public and scraps of paper. Participants could foster communication leading to understanding by taking each others photographs. A written option was also offered to participants who did not want their photo taken, but could still engage with one another. On the bottom of the polaroid or on the scrap of paper, the public was to finish the sentence I started, for example, “Happiness is my moms cooking,” or, “Happiness is hearing a new song for the first time”. This project is soon to be crafted into a booklet, where people of the community can learn about who they share a city with and facilitate positive growth as a community.

Below are snippets from the Payge magazine I founded and designed, plus a few other designs created for the business.