Artist and Writer:

I graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with my BFA, and focused my studies in psychology.  Since graduating college, I have lived in Philadelphia, San Diego, Oahu, and my current residence of Denver. There is a constant fire within me, urging me to travel. Meeting new people and experiencing life in new places has taught me priceless insight. I enjoy bringing a revitalized outlook to the world through color and subject in my art.  So many times these days, we find ourselves posing for photos and putting forth a generic exterior in order to be “liked” by others or approved. My aim through art and writing is to make each other comfortable with the natural, pure being that lives under the false bravado, and encourage ultimate freedom.

Writing has always been a meditative sort of practice for me. I journal frequently, I make hundreds of lists, and I feel I better express myself through written and visual language.  

To contact me with questions, inquiries, or just a nice hello, email: emilyscottk@gmail.com

To see what i’m up to, see my Instagram @limeycotts