Bruised Bananas

Sprouting its roots in 2015, Bruised Bananas came to life through 2018. While studying abroad in Australia in 2015, I had a grand idea to create an online safe haven for individuals needing mental health assistance. My goal was to share stories submitted by brave individuals about their struggles and successes, and have an open forum for the public to give and relieve advice and help.

I studied psychology alongside my fine arts degree while in college, and have always been interested in giving back to others. I feel insanely grateful to live the life I was born into, and want to help others experience the same appreciation for theirs. Getting smiles, laughter, confidence, and connection out of others feeds my spirit. On the Bruised Bananas website, I provided a monitored forum, resources to mental health professionals, a mission, and my own words of encouragement. The logo for Bruised Bananas can be found to the right.